A complete guide to Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) mats

Do you practice yoga and looking for a perfect mat that helps to gain more grip and comfort in performing various moves. EVA Yoga Mats are a perfect option that helps people to carry them to any place; they are lightweight and made of eco-friendly material that is a better option than mats made of different materials. They provide a perfect grip and support in performing various activities safely. Along with this, the manufacturer also provides a textured surface that remains fit and smooth on the floor. These mats also offer the best cushioning comfort and help people to perform various activities.

EVA Yoga Mats are durable and are the prices are lower than other mats available in the market. They are the perfect flooring option for stretching, pushups, situps, etc. These mats are made of soft EVA foam, are eco-friendly, comfortable, safe to use, nonslip and no pungent smell. Such mats are available in different shape, size and from different brands. They are also available in unique and appealing colours, style and dimensions. The important features of such mats made of EVA foam include lightweight, easy to mould – can be cut into sheets and can be made into different shapes, anti-slippery surface, they are odourless, comes up with glossy finish and vibrant colours.

Before purchasing the right mat for your use, it is better to know the available options in the market and match the one as per your need and budget. It is important to know that EVA is a material that is expandable and is also known as expanded rubber or foam rubber. They often prove and appear softer than other material mats that are designed for yoga. Products made of this form are durable, healthy to use and helps to maximize the money you spend on purchasing a mat for yoga.