HPU Mats

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  • Get Your Game On!

    HPU Mats are a waterborne dispersion system without any solvent addition during manufacturing and application, which has the benefit of easy application and high performance /cost ratio. This new product not only provides the desired mechanical properties for sports floor coating but also offers excellent weather ability in the final formulated product with a unique hybrid technique.

    These sports coatings provide high performance with low VOC, which meets increasing needs for the eco-friendly requirement and strict standards.

  • Surface Protected

    The HPU Mats protective coating system have higher Aberration Resistance, which meets and even exceeds professional flooring test standards even under critical conditions.

  • Usage

    HPU Mat is water bond product thus preferred for all kind of outdoor floors. Waterborne and environmentally Friendly, low VOC, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and maintenance

  • Available Size

    These mats are available according to customer’s need.

  • Varieties Of Mats

    • National
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This flooring applied on concrete surface after cleaning of surface and removing all dust and lose particle from the surface.

  • 25

    Available Size

    • According to customer’s requirements.
  • 50

    Thickness Variation

    • 10mm to 12mm
  • 75

    Made Up Of

    • Water based hybrid PU coating.
  • 100

    Mats Features

      • Fast Drying
      • Water Resistance
      • Chemical Resistance
      • UV Durability
      • Shortened construction time

Color Available

  • At Aerolite, we believe in “Turn ideas into Health, Fitness & Fun”.

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