Yoga Mats

Yoga is a boon for all of us!

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  • Yoga Is Comfortable Aerolite Yoga Mats

    Yoga is practiced to enhance body and mind and to perform it well you need you need upright atmosphere to make your experience fulfilling.

    Thus to make your ordinary experience an enriching one, Aerolite brings to you yoga mats by Fitness Mats India which are specially designed to make your experience a calming one.

  • Surface Protected

    With a blend of good thickness and accurate softness it helps you perform the Asanas in a comfortable manner

  • Usage

    It ensures that your body doesn’t get hurt even during the long hours of practice. These mats are suitable for pregnant women too.

  • Varied Size, Color & Thickness

    We provide mats in all sizes and colours with wide range of thickness options and these can be customised according to customers.

  • Varieties Of Mats

    You can choose the mats like Single Color, Double Color, Sun Salutation and many others.

  • At Aerolite, we believe in “Turn ideas into Health, Fitness & Fun”.

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Aerolite understand the customer’s needs and therefore is one of the largest selling yoga mats manufacturers in India.

  • 25

    Size Variation

    • 24”x 72”
    • 28”x 72″
    • 36”x 72”
    • 48”x 84”
  • 50

    Thickness Variation

    • 3-4 MM
    • 4-5 MM
    • 5-6 MM
    • 7-8 MM
    • 8-10 MM
    • 10-12 MM
    • 12-14 MM
  • 75

    Made Up Of

    • Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)
  • 100

    Play Mat Features

    • Easy To Clean
    • Non-Slippery Surface
    • Easy to carry
    • Water Resistant
    • Firm enough to stand
    • Odour free
    • Soft enough to protect your body
    • Superior shock absorption

Color Available

  • At Aerolite, we believe in “Turn ideas into Health, Fitness & Fun”.

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